“Sunflower Waltz” Chosen As Finalist

I am excited to announce that “Sunflower Waltz” has been chosen as an “Instrumental” finalist in the 2013 Great American Songwriting competition. It was the 5th ranked finalist in the category, which means it was ranked # 10 overall. There were approximately 250 entrants in the Instrumental category.

The judges wrote the following evaluation of “Sunflower Waltz”:

"This song, like your other, demonstrates serious flair for orchestral
arrangement. The lullaby like playfulness perfectly captures the
carefree mood and is very engaging! With a bit more development
this could be a top winner in the instrumental category.
Congratulations, this song has qualified to be a finalist in this year’s
competition! Keep working at your craft and we hope to hear more
from you in the years ahead!"

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